What is your client base?

It depends on the service;

Lease Plans are generally commissioned by any parties who are involved in the sale or acquisition of a leasehold property i.e. members of the general public, Estate Agents or Solicitors.

Measured Building Surveys are more usually commissioned by Architects and/ or Developers as the first stage in the process of the building, redevelopment or refurbishment of a property. However, it will be of use to a building owner themselves to have detailed plans of their property prepared prior to engaging an architect for a proposed extension or refurbishment project. For example, if an Architect conducts his or her own survey without then passing plans onto you, as the client, and the relationship is discontinued for any reason prior to commencement of the project, an Architect subsequently commissioned will arrange for a further measured survey to be carried out, thus doubling the time and money spent on that aspect of the project. Commissioning your own Measured Building Survey will therefore save time and money, leaving you with your own electronic version of the plans for your own use and to pass onto any professionals subsequently commissioned.